Prologue - The Box - Owein Parnassus

March 17, 2017

There are many things hidden in the sands. Place a rock in an hour glass, watch time pass and grow stagnant. Place sand in an hour glass, watch it pass with abandon and slip away forever. Sand erodes, sand sustains. And for the denizen's of the Scendarian desert, it is a constant. When Owein returns from a trip out in the sands, he finds that the sand has flown away, and has revealed new revelations in his home town of Baelstrya.

Dire Words is a collaborative storytelling actual play podcast using a modified version of the 5th edition rules and is set in a homebrew world.

The Weaver for Dire Words is Cody Boker, you can find him on twitter @codedude3.
The players in Dire Words are:
Jonny Scott. You can find him @SolventBubbles
Ben Apperson. You can find him @Bapperson
Pete. You can find him @peg_leg_pete
Gwynn Walker. You can find her @GwynnAndTonic

You can follow us for updates on twitter @DireWords
If you have comments, questions or concerns, you can email us at
If you are interested in small voice acting parts, please also email us with a brief description of your setup, availability, and experience.

New episodes should be released on the 3rd and 17th of every month.

Music: Sheikh's Tent - In the Sultan's Court - Source Music by Giacomo Rita
Music: Desert - Daytime in the Wastes by Pablo Betancourt
Music: Large City - Civiliization During Day by Pablo Betancourt
Music: Sheikh's Tent - Sweat And Silk - Source Music by David Suárez Torre


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